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This research group is affiliated to the Epilepsy Center, University Clinics Freiburg, and to the Bernstein Center of Computational Neuroscience (BCCN), University of Freiburg

Intracranial Electroencephalography (iEEG) is a uniquely suitable method to capture local, synchronized activity of the human cerebral cortex. The aim of our research group is to characterize local cortical activity in humans based on intracranial EEG. By following this aim, we contribute to a better description and ultimately also to a better understanding of the function of the human cerebral cortex. In addition to studies based on iEEG alone, our work also places a special emphasis on the comparison of iEEG and its integration with other neuroimaging methods, in particular with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), including both meta-analyses and original fMRI studies. Furthermore, we are interested in the comparision of iEEG with conventional EEG non-invasively recorded from the scalp surface.

The functional systems that we are investigating are the cortical motor system, the auditory and language systems, and brain regions involved in cognitive (incuding emotional) processing, such as the amygdala, the insular cortex and the prefrontal cortex. Investigating these brain regions with iEEG and functional neuroimaging methods is motivated not only by basic research questions, but also by the prospect of contributing to the developement of important clinical / biomedical application. Possible developments include new approaches to functional mapping of cortical functions for pre-neurosurgical evaluation of motor and language functions, and the characterization of control signals for brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) for paralyzed patients who suffered motor or cognitive damage.

Open Positions!

Open positions in Brain-Machine-Interfacing Research the Excellence Cluster „BrainLinks-BrainTools“


Within the new Excellence Cluster „BrainLinks-BrainTools“, we are offering three positions for a:

  • Medical Doctor (MD)
  • PostDoc
  • PhD

All positions are to be occupied starting from now within the technological branch LiNC (“Limbs with Neural Control”) (http://www.brainlinks-braintools.uni-freiburg.de/researchprogram), to develop and test neurotechnological systems for intuitive and reliable control of prosthetic devices by paralyzed patients. The announced project will take place as an interdisciplinary co-operation between the Faculties of EngineeringBiology and Medicine, as well as the University Medical Center and theBernstein Center Freiburg.

We offer: the opportunity for intriguing, innovative research in medical neurotechnology, an highly interdisciplinary and stimulating academic environment, with strong scientific exchange and teamwork among the participating institutions, and attractive career opportunities.

We look for: high motivation and keen interest in neurotechnological research, a very good to excellent Master or PhD Diploma, or an equivalent, in the field of physics, engineering, computer science, or neurobiology for PhD and  PostDoc applicants. For PhD and PostDoc applicants, programming skills and good knowledge of the English language are required. Experience in dealing with neurological patients is an advantage for medical doctor applicants, and experience in analyses of electrophysiological data is an advantage for PhD and PostDoc applicants.

Contact for further information:

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Engelbergerstr. 21


Dr. Tonio Ball

Please send your applications (CV, letter of motivation, 2 letters of recommendation, copy of diploma etc.) to:



How to find us

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Research group Tonio Ball, Engelbergerstr. 21, 79106 Freiburg, tel.: +49-761-270-93160, email: tonio.ball@uniklinik-freiburg.de

Please follow the signs the "Ethikkommission Universität Freiburg" - we are on the same floor.

At the entrance to the floor, there is a glas door and a bell "AG Ball".




PI: PD Dr. Tonio Ball

0049 761 270 93160

Admin: Lukas Fiederer

0049 761 270 93283

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